Here you will find answers to the questions most frequently asked by the public via this website, food shows and social networks such as Twitter and Facebook.

Q. How much does Cleverpop cost?
A. They retail at 30p each but you can buy them in bulk as multi-packs or jars

Q. Where can I buy them from?
A. Cleverpops are available from this website and at a growing number of retailers, dentists, gyms and clinics.

Q. What is the recommended daily amount?
A. We suggest one Cleverpop a day to cover Vitamin C requirements.

Q. Are they suitable for vegetarians / vegans
A. Yes Cleverpops are completely vegetarian and vegan friendly

Q. Are they suitable for Celiacs?
A. Yes

Q. Are they suitable for soya free?
A. Yes

Q. Are they suitable for diabetics?
A. Yes they are

Q. Are they suitable for nut allergy sufferers?
A. Cleverpops are made ina factory that doesn't handle nuts.

Q. Is Clever Sweets Fair Trade?
A. Yes

Q. Do Cleverpops damage teeth?
A. No. Cleverpops actively protect teeth as they are not digested at all in the mouth. So you can even crunch with a clear conscience! A Cleverpop between meals has been shown to reduce plaque build up and leaves you with a lovely fresh mouth.

Health Benefits

Cleverpop is a totally unique lollipop that is actually good for you. Find out about Cleverpop's Health Benefits

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